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Because You deserve the best! 
 "Let me prove that your future investment will be worth it"               

Because You deserve the best!  "Let me prove that your future investment will be worth it"               

30 year resident of Greene County  
      NACHI trained and certified home inspector since '2007'

 Thirty years Residential home building experience

Imaginary people, children, psychics (who claim to "sense" if a house is OK) and even pets can be home inspectors. There are no State Licensing requirements for home inspectors in Missouri!! Experience and Credibility are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right inspector.

Let me carefully inspect the conditions of the physical structure and operability of the various mechanical systems throughout the house. My reports are thorough, easy to read and include  commentary, photos  and advise for any reported problems. The report is ready for your review in one day. I am a strong supporter of 'consumer protection' and  I promise to inspect carefully as if the property were my own. 

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